Our staff members are the key in fulfilling the goals and objectives of Heaton Place. Applicants are carefully screened and selected on the basis of their qualifications, experience, and suitability to work in the retirement community culture. Fundamental to their selection is a demonstrated passion for serving seniors and promoting their overall well-being. We believe these requirements are essential in creating a warm, home-like, and respectful atmosphere for our residents. 

Meet Our Key Staff


Penny has enjoyed an expansive and dynamic career in seniors’ care and housing throughout western Canada. After visiting the Armstrong area and being captivated with its charm and appeal she decided to make it “home” and we are grateful for her choice.

As Manager, she provides Heaton Place with a wealth of experience in management, marketing, human resources, and accounting to compliment her spirited enthusiasm. Through both her work and volunteer efforts with seniors, she has learned that patient listening, delightful laughter, and caring deeds are not only important in serving our residents but have also served to heighten her own zest for life. She brings to this position a valued devotion to our residents and a infectious love for the work that she does.


As a native of the Enderby area; a resident now of Grindrod; and pursuing her career in Armstrong, one has to know that Reanne reflects and personifies the warmth and caring values associated with smaller rural communities. Her business administration degree from Okanagan College; her previous experience with seniors; and her never ending devotion to her work have allowed her to progress through a variety of roles at Heaton Place with ever increasing responsibility. Currently, she is our Marketing Director and Administrative Assistant to the Manager. Heaton Place may never win the cash prize in the lottery, but we do have Reanne.


A Bachelor of Arts graduate with honours from UBCO, Morgan’s high energy; her vibrant personality; and her excellent skills in relationship-building serve her well as our Activities Director. The myriad of social and recreational programming that she has expanded and implemented at Heaton Place enjoy a high and enthusiastic level of participation and are complimented and enhanced with the support and assistance of a number of deeply appreciated volunteers. A former resident of Vernon, Morgan now calls both Heaton Place and Armstrong home.


Our gift from South Wales, via the lower mainland, Dave is our Maintenance Manager. Skilled in a variety of the trades resulting from a multi-faceted career, he keeps our abundance of building systems and equipment humming. Dave has the distinct honour of being the only employee of Heaton Place who also utilized his varied skills in its construction. Yes, you are correct, “Heaton Place is his baby.” His experience in helping to construct Heaton Place has been invaluable in caring for and maintaining our beautiful facility. Since moving to Armstrong in 1974, Dave and his family are not only long-time residents but have also become an integral part of the community’s fabric. We are pleased to know that the beckoning calls of the Welsh are falling on deaf ears.


Fighting Dave for parental control of Heaton Place is, Frances, our Housekeeping Supervisor. As they say, “She makes the place shine”. Her many years of experience as a care aide have been instrumental in her demonstrating a deep respect for our residents by establishingthe highest standards for the quality of the environment in which they live. The nature of her work and that of her staff provides a constant and continuing contact with our residents. As such, she and her staff have the most immediate and comprehensive understanding of the “well-being” of any particular resident. This constant and continuing contact serves as one of our residents’ most important safety valves. Her valued sense of humour, and sense of caring, have accompanied her throughout the 23 years that she and family have resided in the City of Armstrong.

Gareth (Gaz) Jordan

Like the pop singer Taco, rock musician Meatloaf, and model Fabio, Gaz would prefer to be a celebrity one-name person. Not to the world though, just to the residents that he serves as our Food Services Supervisor. Gaz, and his supporting cast in the Dietary Department, serve upa chorus of home-styled meals that make our residents sing out culinary notes of praise (Okay, let’s be realistic and honest. On the very, very, odd occasion, they hit a sour note). Not surprisingly, the Dietary Department has been nominated on several occasions for Granpy and Granny Awards.

Born in Staffordshire, England, Gaz's culinary interest started at the age of fifteen. In 2009, the enticing aroma of the Canadian lifestyle lured him and his family to Canada. Gaz creates a symphony of flavours from the harmonious "plenty" of the surrounding area to create his culinary delights not only at Heaton Place, but also at the Wild Oak Cafe, a popular local eatery operated by him and his wife. Oh yes, we almost forgot, he also has a one-name dog - Scruffy.


The staff of heaton place retirement community